Language Overview

The Jelly language was created for Siri Shortcuts because I was not satisfied with the GUI of Shortcuts. I wanted a way to write Shortcuts in a text based language. That is why I created Jellycuts and the Jelly language.

The Jelly language is currently focused on creating a simple way to write Shortcuts without much hassle. That is why the language is geared towards calling the Shortcuts actions as function. However in the future I plan to alter the way the language is interpreted so you are able to write code in a Swift or Javascript like fashion and have it translated into a Shortcut or even write and compile it like any other language.

Getting Started

The first place to start is setting up your IDE. The current IDE for Jelly is the Jellycuts iOS App.

Once you have set up your IDE you can head over too Writing Your First Script to learn how to write your first Jellycut script.