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Add Frame To GIF Add Music Up Next Add to Playlist Add to Reading List Adjust Date Airdrop Append File Append Note Ask for Input Battery Level Calculate Expression Calculate Statistic Call Change Text Case Change Wallpaper Choose From List Clear Up Next Combine Image Combine Text Continue In Shortcuts Convert Image Correct Spelling Count Create Folder Create GIF Create Note Create PDF Create Playlist Create QR Code Crop Image Date Debug Content Attribution Decode Base64 Decode URL Delete File Delete Photos Detect Language Dictate Text Dictionary Emoji Name Encode Audio Encode Base64 Encode Media Encode URL Exit Shortcut Expand URL Extract Archive Facetime Filter Articles Filter Attendees Filter Calendar Events Filter Contacts Filter File Filter Images Filter Locations Filter Music Filter Notes Filter Photos Filter Reminders Flip Image Format Date Format Number Format Size Get Address From Input Get All Alarms Get All Keys from Dictionary Get All Values from Dictionary Get App Detail Get Appearance Detail Get Article Get Article Detail Get Attendee Detail Get Cellular Details Get Clipboard Get Condition Details Get Contact Detail Get Contacts From Input Get Contents of URL Get Current Conditions Get Current Song Get Date From Input Get Device Details Get Email From Input Get Event Detail Get File Get File Details Get File Link Get Forecast Get Frames Get Health Sample Detail Get IP Address Get Image Detail Get Images From Input Get Item From List Get Last Bursts Get Last Live Photos Get Last Photo Get Last Photo Import Get Last Screenshots Get Last Video Get Location Detail Get Match Group Í Get Music Detail Get Name Get Note Details Get Numbers From Input Get Object of Class Get Page Detail Get Phone Numbers From Input Get Playlist Get Podcast Episode Detail Get Podcast Episodes Get Podcast Show Detail Get Podcasts Get Product Detail Get RSS From Page Get RSS Items From Feed Get Reminder Detail Get Shazam Detail Get Shortcut Details Get Shortcuts Get Stock Detail Get Text From Input Get Time Between Dates Get Type Get URL Component Get URL Headers Get URLS From Input Get Upcoming Reminders Get Value For Key Get Wi-Fi Details Get iTunes Artist Detail Grab Jellycut Handoff Playback Hash Import Shortcut List Log Workout Make Archive Make HTML From Rich Text Make Markdown From Rich Text Make Rich Text From HTML Make Rich Text From Markdown Make Video from GIF Markup Mask Image Match Text Math Nothing Number Open App Open In Open Shortcut Open URL Open X-Callback URL Overlay Image Play Music Play Music Play Podcast Play Sound Prepend File Print Quicklook Random Number Record Audio Remove Events Remove From Album Remove Reminders Replace Text Resize Image Rotate Image Round Number Run Javascript on Webpage Run Script Over SSH Run Shortcut Save File Save to Camera Roll Scan QR Code Search App Store Search Podcasts Search Web Search iTunes Seek Media Select Contact Select Email Select Phone Number Select Photo Select Song From Apple Music Send Alert Send Message Send Notification Set Airplane Mode Set Bluetooth Set Brightness Set Cellular Set Clipboard Set Device Appearance Set Dictionary Value Set Do Not Disturb Set Flashlight Set Low Power Mode Set Media Destination Set Name Set Orientation Lock Set Voice Data Set Volume Set WiFi Share Share With Extensions Shazam It Show Definition Show Note Show Reminders List Show Result Show Webpage Show in Calendar Show in Store Siri Donation Skip Backward Skip Forward Speak Text Split Text Start Timer Start Workout Stock Quote Subscribe to Podcast Take Photo Take Video Take a Screenshot Text Toggle Airplane Mode Toggle Device Appearance Toggle Flashlight Toggle Low Power Mode Toggle Orientation Lock Translate Text Trim Video URL Upload Photos To Shared Album User Activity Vibrate Device View Content Graph Wait Wait to return Webpage Contents