If Statements

If statements in Jelly work like a lot of other languages. The following syntax is an outline of the if statement syntax.

//If statement with a variable
if(<#Variable#> <#Condition#> <#Variable#>) {
//or you can use a string
if(<#Variable#> <#Condition#> <#String (Allows Variables)#>) {

The following is an example of a filled out if statement

if(name .contains "TestName") {

If-Else Statements

An else statement is tacked onto the end of an if statement. Currently Jelly does not support if else, only simple else statements. Below is an example of an else statement

if(name .contains "TestName") {
} else {


Condition Shortcut Equivalent
== Is
!= Is not
!= nil Has any value
== nil Does not have any value
.contains Contains
!contains Does not contain
.beginsWith Begins With
!beginsWith Does not begin with
.endsWith Ends with
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
.between numb1...numb2 Between number