Supercharge your shortcuts

Create extremely powerful shortcuts with Jellycuts. Jellycuts is an IDE for iOS shortcuts that allows you to create complex shortcuts quickly and easily. You can create a shortcut in the Jelly language, a full language for iOS Shortcuts. Jellycuts takes your code and converts it into shortcuts that are runnable in the shortcuts app.

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Edit with ease

Jellycuts includes a beautiful and fast code editor. Syntax highlighting and line numbers help you understand your code and make sense of what is going on. With quick completion on the keyboard, it has never been easier to create shortcuts.

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Customize Jellycuts to your heart's desire with 90 editor themes ranging across lots of styles, and the ability to change the tint color to anything you want. You can also choose from a large selection of app icons to fit any type of style you want.

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Pickup anywhere

Jellycuts comes with a VSCode extension with syntax highlighting, snippets, and even allows you to connect directly into the iOS app to test your Jellycuts.

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